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WordPress for iOS › 3/4 of all crashes fixed

I have to say this chart is impressive in that it shows how much WordPress users on iOS are updating this app. Anecdotal evidence suggests that mainstream iOS users are not terribly religious about synching with a computer or updating their apps.

At the same time, one can see that 2.6.3 through 2.6.5 all experienced the same level of crash rates, so there may have been a sense of desperation driving users to update in order to avoid historical problems.

I know myself that I have yet to have my faith reinstated in this app, though that was mostly due to login issues. I think that those issues have now finally been resolved. I realized the last time I looked at the comment feature that the app is also pulling in comments previously marked spam, so I’ve now got to figure out the proper workflow for that in order to avoid duplicate work. (For some reason I prefer dealing with comments on the iPad vs. on the Mac.)

At any rate, this is great feedback for the users that hard work has paid off and it is a valuable support for the “fail early, fail often” mindset that runs through the lean startup entrepreneurial community.

WordPress for iOS › 3/4 of all crashes fixed:


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