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Black Friday & Mobile Phones, or rather, Mobile Devices

Ok, have been thinking about stats coming out of this major commerce weekend, key reading can be found as follows:

So, no surprise with more smartphone and internet capable mobile devices in the marketplace we saw a larger share of traffic going to this type of device. What surprises me is the amount of impact being attributed to devices purchased and activated in the same weekend the traffic occurred. I think this is odd from two standpoints:

  1. The numbers don’t feel like they add up: We have been reading about fantastic product and incremental market share all year long—iPhone 4 was a huge success with lines that lasted weeks (or more), millions of iPads sold over the first several months and the increase in market share for Android. How, then, are we to accept reporting that suggests that two or three days of retail traffic and activations have outweighed 10+ months of selling?
  2. The consumer experience doesn’t feel like it makes sense: I haven’t had the pleasure of activating an Android phone, but I still remember activating my iPhone 3G (and sitting through the process again with my wife (almost worse the second time around.)) I don’t see this as a desirable activity on the busiest shopping day(s) of the year. It takes too long & people might be getting all kinds of great deals on TVs and other stuff while you are waiting. I’m not saying noone got a new phone activated mind you, just not in droves.

The iPad is another story, of course, being one of the hottest products of the season, selling at a relatively accessible price point and even being mildly discounted by Apple for Black Friday. I expect many were sold, activated and used but only time will tell to what extent these new activations (and those of the iPod touch) drove additional traffic over this crucial weekend for retail.
Which reminds me: doesn’t anyone buy actual gifts on Black Friday anymore? The kind that don’t get ‘activated’ for almost a month…?